Riding the Spine

  • Ciudad Altimarano
    A 16 year old with her boyfriend and drunk uncle holding a machete
  • Collectivos
    Can you spare a seat?
  • Hombres Importante
    Mayors of Acapulco and Iguala stop to chat with us
  • Temple of the Sun
    Touring the Ancient Aztec Ruins
  • Smoggy
    A view of downtown Mexico City
  • Volcano Popocautepl
    An active volcano and a strenuous hike
  • Volcano Popocautepl
    Approaching the peak of the volcano
  • Freight Yard
    Searching for a freight line
  • Mexico City Traffic Jam
    Not the most bike friendly city
  • Mexican Independence Day
    Incendiary fireworks display
  • Alyson
    Jacobīs friend visits and enjoys a sunset on the Pacific Coast of Mexico
  • Alyson
    Wishing the sun would not go away
  • Crashing Waves
    Alyson sits along a tempestuous sea
  • Apoala Church
    Beautiful display
  • Waterfall
    Alyson enjoying the view
  • Oaxaca Poster Art
    Expiring poster sits near the Zocalo of Oaxaca City
  • Valle de Apoala
    Vertical cliffs open up to a splendid valley
  • Waterfall
    Alyson standing in the view
  • Swimmin Holes
    Crystal clear water to cool off in while visiting Apoala
  • Waterfall
    Sparkling beauty in Apoala
  • Cenotes
    Riding mule to the subterranean rivers
  • Uxmal
    Figures of serpents on the side of Mayan Ruins
  • Uxmal
    Rising from the jungles of the Yucatan
  • Palenque
    Ghostly figurines adorning the ruins
  • Palenque
    Mayan ruins set in the jungle
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