If you have been watching our Spot Messenger, you will have noticed that we have not moved for a while.  We would like to dedicate this period of idleness to Wells Fargo Bank who managed to deactivate all my debit/credit cards leaving us without access to our communal funds.  They have “rush” shipped a new card and apologized for accidentally deleting access to 3 of my cards.

What does RTS do when not on our bikes.  A fair amount of nothing, usually, but we were lucky enough to meet another epic bike tourist named El Turco, taking a hiatus in his hometown here in San Juan and his friend Niko living at the Casa Loca.  El Turco is a bike tourist/climber/human extroardinaire, and when he saw our Xtracycles he knew his lifestyle required one…and so he and Goat rounded up some scrap metal and welded one together.   If you get the time, you gotta check out his blog, currently featuring a great climbing video he put together:

Here a few of the pictures of the birth of an Argentine Xtracycle:

[nggallery id=6]

And after they got bored with that project, they actually started building a humungous climbing wall, with plans to make climbing holds out of epoxy and sand.  (I didn´t even mention the giant bowl they are building to skate on!)

Climbing Wall