Patagonia is getting better and better. Snowy mountains tower over us and we continue to find amazingly hospitable folks wherever we wind up. We are headed towards El Parque Nacional Los Alcernes promising to be a beautiful route winding along lakes and traversing epic mountains. Even the satellite images of the area are impressive. Photos will be posted soon.

Thanks to everybody for the encouraging emails we have received lately. There seems to be a lot more people following our trip than we had ever imagined. And yes, some of the posts recently have been rather melancholy, but after a few weeks in the mountains of Patagonia, all your worries cease, and – life is good. Morale is very high right now. Sometimes, travelers just need to take a moment and reflect on their experiences, so they don´t wind up taking their journey for granted. And sometimes, they just need a little change in scenery!

By the 7th, we have to be in Chile as our tourist VISA expires for Argentina. We will be heading to Futalafu and trying to get on a river trip down the “Fu”, and then riding down the Carretera Austral, possibly one of the world`s most beautiful bike touring routes. Will keep you posted. Lots to look forward to.