A brief update on an odd series of events while staying at an English Scool in Uruapan.



Goat viciously attacked by a dog in the night. Gnarly puncture wound that continued to bleed for about 18 hours.


At a “rave,� I was almost jumped by a gang of 8 teengers claiming to be from the “South Side� of Long Beach.


We received a test model of the Surly Big Dummy, and while building it up; Sean placed his expensive Fox Vanilla fork in an empty box that was put on the street for garbage pickup. He eventually found his fork at the landfill and had to buy it from a professional dump(ster) diver.


Back to the Surly Big Dummy. A beautiful machine. Hard to believe it is real and I can touch it. I have a hard time taking my eyes off of the bike, and I think mine is feeling little jealous.